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American Hypnosis Online

Take a big breath, relax, and forget about your tasks for 5 seconds and see how you can start radically improving your life by simply being open to change.   Forget what you think is possible when you realize time is something you can short-circuit - an illusion we all have been conditioned to share. 

  • Overcome with feelings of Anxiety?

  • Want to eat right starting now? 

  • Need to exercise but can't stay motivated?

  • What about relationships? Can't seem to make them work?

  • Have you got some bad habits that you just can't quit yet?

  • Are you a student or going through training at work? Does the flood of information get overwhelming?

  • Do business and money decisions seem to be more and more difficult in this intense economic environment? 

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Whatever you are trying to change or bring about, discovering if and how hypnosis will be effective comes down to three things:

1. Your Problem - This is the aspect of your life you want to change.

2. Your Psychology - This is how the problem is manifested in your mind. 

3. Your Therapist - Someone who guides your psychology to accommodate change. 

Not all problems are candidates for hypnosis.   Not all minds are ready to change. Not all therapists are capable of creating an environment where the change you desire will happen.  Without knowing the details, anyone who tells you otherwise is just after your money.  


During our free consultation, the first order of business will be to determine if you and what you want to change are a fit.   Next, we estimate the level of effort, anywhere from one session to multiple, possibly involving other professionals working as a team.   If you have questions about what it's like to experience hypnosis, we can do a simple hypnotic suggestibility test during your consultation. That said, it's been years since a patient was not able to be hypnotized either online or in person by me typically in under a couple of minutes. 


Lastly, I will give you what it will cost.  Most people start with $80 and see how it goes—no hard sales or tricks.  The good news is that people feel a significant improvement after one session since we have screened out everything else.  Note that the more expensive plans we offer are targeted at issues that will require daily sessions over weeks and include daily follow-up tracking and adjustments.   Typically these are used by very high-level individuals who need results in short time frames and are not concerned with cost.  Most people engage us by the hour as needed (no pressured sales here).   The challenge with the more expensive plans is that the time commitment required to meet the goal can usually be hours a day for the patient and requires doing exercises in the real world along with inner change work; surprisingly, it's usually not cost. 

All the work is guaranteed. Let's say you cannot be hypnotized, or there are technical issues with zoom. You get your money back.  You are paying for results.  

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You will find the approaches used to be very methodical, innovative, and thorough. No questions remain unanswered about whether or not you're seeing changes happen with this program because it's designed specifically for people who need results quickly and are ready to break through. 

As a reward for reading so far, here is a recording I put together for a client to help motivate them to exercise.  Note that there is some subliminal background work going on.   You don't have to go into trace for this to work, listen to it as you do anything but drive or operate anything that requires full attention.   

Dieting with ActivityDean Draper
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General Session

$80   Online

$150  In person

  • While you relax, discover what beliefs are driving you and holding you back.

  • And then allow the changes to happen automatically.

  • Feel your problems disappearing from day one.

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Mini Session

$40 Online

N/A  In person

  • Short sessions as needed.

  • Used primarly to provide ongoing afforable after care. 

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Full Focus

$2500 Online/Office  

  • Together we move mountains to get you results in a defined timeframe.  24 hour support. 

  • Teams of professionals will be created as need.

  • If you are not satisfied, 80% return of payment.  No questions. 

  • Tapes, write-ups, videos, and meetings with family/partners/others whatever it takes. 

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$80   Online

$150  In person

  • Get over someone in one day and move on with your life.

  • Fall back in love.

  • Change yourself in ways that will help move your relationship out of bad patterns.

  • Find the roots of your problems and pull them out.

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Monthly Program

$800   Online

$1100  In person

  • Two sessions a week x4.

  • One recording a week x4.

  • Weekly progress reports x4.

  • Custom homework guides x4.

  • Only two patients a month are accepted.

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Weight Loss

$300 Online

$500   In person

  • Includes 3 one hours sessions.

  • Discover the real reason you are eating utilizing hypnotic discovery.

  • The program incorporates scientific findings from your personality type.


What Clients Say

"When I think of my ex I only think of the negative things he's done.  I don't focus on what I miss anymore."

Someone might be watching the same film and do one thing differently; they might ask themselves, "how is that important to the story?" The question is not as important as the act of asking a question.  Asking takes us from being passengers and puts us in the driver's seat of our mindset.   The passenger passively observes life while the director chooses to know why things transpire and that leads to the  self understanding need to change. 

5225 Pooks Hill Road, Bethesda, MD

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