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Let me guess...  I bet nothing else worked to this point, and that is perfect!  I'm Dean Draper, a certified hypnotherapist in multiple forms of hypnotherapy, hypnoanalysis, NLP, personality dynamics, and AI.  When we are done, you will move on feeling great as you realize all the weight of whatever is holding you down is becoming a thing of the past.   All it takes is the courage to call and the wisdom to know you can feel better.

The first meeting online is on the house, so why not call 301-697-7555 or schedule online?   No high-pressure sales ever; let's talk about what you need and what it will require.   And since it is all guaranteed, you can relax knowing I'm focused on your results.  With experiential therapy, which is the foundation of my methodology based on the work of Milton Erickson, you may be surprised to see substantial results after one session. 


  • Undergraduate and graduate students with problems transitioning to college and/or experiencing test and performance anxiety and stress

  • Relationship issues (inability to get over an ex, couples therapy, loss of interest, jealousy)

  • Anxiety

  • Feeling stuck

  • Insomnia, sessions are before you sleep at night and have a slightly higher rate. 

  • Gut and stomach issues

  • Depression,  feeling “dead inside,” or decreased pleasure in day-to-day pursuits

  • Somatic symptoms such as stomach issues, pain, fibromyalgia etc.

  • Difficulty feeling “grown up” and thriving in the adult world

  • Trauma

  • Pain management

  • Searching for your “true self”

  • Borderline Personality Disorder  (in tandem with a therapist who specializes in BPD as a team or your current therapist)

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What Clients Say

"When I think of my ex I only think of the negative things he's done.  I don't focus on what I miss anymore."

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