You'll feel relief as you take this first step in finding a professional and trustworthy therapist.  It's really the hardest part.  You can get started by scheduling an appointment with me for only $33! We offer many different rates, so there's something to fit any budget because our sessions last 20-60 minutes. I recommend taking me up on the free session and going from there.  Also, if you are in the DC Metro area I can travel to you so you can be in a place you feel the most relaxed (travel time is billed) and for your convenience or we can meet at my office in Bethesda. 

Our Promise to You


Please note I now offer in-person sessions in addition to online over zoom. Travel time is $80 and hour and rounds to the next hour. 

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General Session
$150 in person

  • While you relax, discover what beliefs are driving you and holding you back. 

  • And then allow the changes to happen automatically. 

  • Feel your problems disappearing from day one.  

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$150 in person
$80 online

  • Get over someone in one day and move on with your life. 

  • Fall back in love.  

  • Change yourself in ways that will help move your relationship out of bad patterns. 

  • Includes a custom recording.

  • Find the roots of your problems and pull them out.

  • Finally, find the love you desire. 

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Mini Hamburgers

Mini Sessions
$44 a session  online

  • Includes 3x20 minute online sessions. New..New..New!

  • Unlimited booster sessions at $30 a session past the initial three to lock in results. 

  •  Unique approach we devised to increase the duration of effects and keep prices in order. 

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Beef and Carrot Tagine

Weight Loss
$299 was $400

  • Includes 3 one hours sessions.

  • Discover the real reason you are eating utilizing hypnotic discovery. 

  • The program incorporates scientific findings from your personality type. 

  • More  than pays for itself in grocery savings! 

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Anxiety Therapy 
$150 in person
$80 online


Change Program
$175 was $300

Panic attacks, relationship problems, emotional issues ...

  • Includes 3 one-hour sessions.

  • A custom solution is made specifically for you. 

  • Recordings are provided so you can re-experience the session whenever you want. 

  • Results are guaranteed.

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