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Full Focus

Here are the big points about this service:

  • This is not just hypnotherapy.  It is whatever we best determine you need.  We are going all in and not following traditional business models. Instead, we are focusing on getting results as fast as possible.   You will be evaluated frequently to determine the rate of progress. 

  • If progress is problematic, other resources will be brought in to help as part of the program (might be over zoom).   Counselors, psychologists, coaches, diet specialists, etc. will work in a team and be in contact with you and each other.   

  • If you are open to working and forming support groups with other clients, we will support that as well, where similar therapies are providing value. 

  • You will need to commit time and energy during the duration of the program.   Lack of availability on your part will invalidate the program, and a percentage refund will be enacted based on a predetermined hourly rate. 

  • If you want 24-hour text access, there is an additional fee.  Text access is provided during business hours as part of the program.  This also goes for phone and zoom support. 

  • It makes sense that only certain types of issues will fit this model because quantifiable, testable results are the goal and some problems do not fit into compressed timeframes and aggressive therapy and are hard to measure.  Only patients that are good candidates will be allowed to enter the program.  

If you are interested, click on the Free Consultation button at the top of the page and set up a meeting.   Let go of what has been holding you back today!  We love to help. 

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