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Notice what you notice

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

This is an idea I have been playing with recently. As I have noted in other blogs, what we focus on is a subconscious process that is easily controlled by conscious suggestions. If I say notice fonts that you see even if you were not, you will automatically start to notice the fonts around you. The suggestion will not last forever. Given how limited our conscious mind is on what it can pay attention to, some event is going to make the focus on fonts change. Maybe you get up and walk through a door (automatic frame reset) or you take a phone call and when it’s done you are back to your regular focused items. Using hypnosis we can extend the duration of a focus shift but need to be careful since it is a zero-sum game, focusing on a new aspect will remove other items. While I was learning I once hypnotized a subject to really focus on opportunities that are unseen for her business while staying at her B&B. The next day she could not find her keys and misplaced her phone as well! It is important to balance focus shifts and to allow the subject the ability to revert if problems arise and for the hypnotist to realize that shifting what someone notices needs to be couched in a way so that normal activity is not impacted. I am very careful to make sure that not only the right suggestions are being made but that they don't come with unforeseen cost. In many cases this is simply done by adding a phrase to the effect of "when you are not busy your subconscious mind will actively think of new ways to improve your business." This is something I discovered on my own, and have incorporated into my practice. If you are curious I have many such discoveries that are not part of any of the hypnotic trainings, so many that I often consider publishing a book on the subject.

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