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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

You can learn a lot by watching the videos and reading from the blog on this site.  Better yet, ask me your questions here.   I hope you learn about how open, non-judgemental, and able we are when it comes to making real changes to things that matter. 

Hypnosis is not fully understood even today, however, that does not mean its power is not available to you.  We don't have to know how it works in order to use to utilize it fully.    It is a bit like a massage in that the general technique will help most people.  However, the more techniques you know and the more time you spend working with people, the faster and more meaningful the results will be.   Not everyone wants to have a painful deep massage that fixes stubborn issues, yet some people will.  

Why It works

For a moment imagine that all the voices in your head and random thoughts simply stop.  What happens then.  And once that happens imagine that the beliefs you hold that are holding you down, well they start to loosen up a bit.  In this state of mind, what happens when you think about a problem you want to address?  Do you think you might be able to see into it differently given that your mind is not stuck in old patterns?  What if you then imagine you can see yourself as another person would see you and observe yourself.   What insight will you get then?  This is one of the ways hypnosis allows us to address things, by creating new perspectives for ourselves to think about our issues.  

It is not the hypnotist doing the work, he/she is creating a state of mind for you to discover exciting new insights into your own thinking.

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