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Imagine having no ashtrays and vape pens in your life!



Like all habits, smoking is the combination of several factors that can fall under two big umbrellas: emotional and physical.  

Most likely, you know someone who quit cold turkey with no help. They just did it.   How?  For that person, two factors came into play that made it possible.   Where they were in their life and peek motivation, they were in a place that allowed them to make a life-altering change, and they had the motivation to take advantage of it.   

Let's imagine two people Jim and Sussie.   


Jim's life is hectic, he is pulled in many directions and feels overloaded with responsibility.   He is ready to quit but after a day or two keeps reverting back to his old habits when he is beaten down by stress. 

Susie's life is running on schedule.   She knows what to expect and the demands on her are well within her comfort zone. She wants to quit but never really starts or does so for a day before she feels bad emotionally. Even if she distracts herself, the negative feeling becomes too discomforting. 


Jim has the drive to quit but he is not in the right place.  Susie is in the right place but does not have the drive to endure the negative feelings she experiences when she stops.   Both the motivation and environment must be lined up before a change of habit can be effective.   When both your emotional and environmental worlds are out of wack it is going to be an up mountain climb. 

My approach uses a combination of factors to get your life and motivation to a place where you can make lasting changes. 

  1. We change when and how you smoke to get you aware of smoking to break you out of existing habits.  This takes a week prior to stopping.  During this week you will take a personality test online if you don't already have identified your Myers Briggs type. 

  2. Using hypnosis we build up your motivation from where it is to a much higher level. 

  3. Using hypnosis we reframe how you are moving through your day until you are at a place that allows you the room to quit.  This is a combination of changing behaviors as well as reframing how you look at your day. 

  4. Based on your personality type, emotional triggers, and understanding of your needs  I will create a plan we can act upon that accompanied by hypnotic suggestion gets you smoke free.  


The path to no longer caring about smoking has a few milestones.   ​

  • 1-3 days to get through the worst part of physical withdrawal. 

  • 2 weeks to have formed a new habit of not smoking. 

  • 2 months to have successfully managed any reverting to old ways and putting the breaks on them moving forward.  Supported by low-cost follow-up sessions to make sure your motivation maintains its strength, you are going to hit your goal!

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