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What our Clients Say

All clients have an opportunity to fill out a feedback form and share if they like.   Here are some quotes from 2023.  


"i am calmer and I don't miss alcohol."

"I miss smoking.  Make sure you really want to change before starting. "

Moving Past Ex's

"It's  been 9 hours since the session  and I have no desire to contact my ex."

"When I think of my ex I only think of the negative things he's done.  I don't focus on what I miss anymore."


"Much more centered and calm since the session ended."

"The fact that I could go into trance and remove anxiety.  I was so skeptical anything could help me. "


"I have not had any sad thoughts the last few days and those were all I used to have."

"Aware that am having a challenge recognizing positive experiences in my life.  I am being to notice them again."


"Feeling so centered all day and haven't sabotaged myself at all with bad food."

Feeling Lost

"this was an awesome experience. I will definitely be back for another session and I highly recommend this to anyone who is trying to find the answer to something but don't know how to get there."

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