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Unlock the Power of the Subconscious:
Let's Partner for Immediate Enhanced Client Outcomes

A Unique Blend of Traditional Therapy and Advanced Hypnotherapy Techniques, Backed by Artificial Intelligence
Welcome to a transformative partnership opportunity that combines the strengths of psychology and hypnotherapy. My name is Dean Draper. I'm a certified professional hypnotherapist with a strong foundation in psychology and AI-based data analysis.


I invite you to explore how this collaboration can bring new dimensions of healing to your practice and help clients who have reached a therapeutic plateau. 

What’s In It For You?

Complementary Therapy 

Broaden your treatment spectrum:  With the addition of hypnotherapy, you can offer a more comprehensive array of treatments.
Target the subconscious:  Access deeper layers of the subconscious mind to treat issues that may not be fully addressed through traditional psychology alone.


Hands-on training with Client Involvement

Real-world practice: Observe and engage in live hypnotherapy sessions with your existing clients.
Skill acquisition: Gain the skills and confidence to conduct your own hypnotherapy sessions by watching me and learning on the job. 

Enhanced Patient Outcomes

Quickened progress:  Break down barriers that may be slowing down or stalling your client’s progress.

Holistic improvement: Achieve more robust and lasting changes in your client's mental health by utilizing a wider set of therapeutic tools.

The Power of AI
Our partnership extends beyond the traditional. By integrating advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms into our hypnotherapy analysis and planning, we offer an unprecedented level of personalized and effective treatment.  I'll admit that AI and hypnosis seem to be salt and milkshakes, but I will show you how they can have a multiplicative effect on your practice and become a cornerstone of providing enhanced value without increasing effort. 

What do you have to lose?  Are you ready to elevate your practice and provide unrivaled value to your clients? Contact me today to schedule a consultation and discover the potential of this transformative partnership.

How does the partnership work?   

These sessions are in person at your office.   You bring me in as needed.   The first session is at an intro rate of $80/hr.  Subsequent sessions are $150/hr.  

How do we work together?

You agree to let me perform the induction and guide the hypnosis portion as you learn.   Once a trance is reached, we work as a team, with me in the lead to start.  I will instruct you on how to work together to get even more powerful results than we could on our own during trance. Once you have the skills to take the lead, I will step aside in a more subordinate role or you can do things on your own.  I will keep you informed of new techniques in hypnotherapy and AI via a new letter you can choose to subscribe to.  


How do we integrate hypnotherapy into existing treatment plans?

Typically, you would engage me when a patient is stuck and not making progress.  Usually, one or two sessions are all that is needed to break through so that you can continue using hypnosis on your own or other modalities. 

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