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Guided Imagery

Have you ever read a book and fallen into it to the point the story replaced reality?   You were in a trance and did not know it.  Now that you do imagine the adventures you can have!  Relive experiences from your imagination, past, and favorite stories...  Try it for free!

  • Sail the seas on your own sailboat and live out a dream venture

  • Explore Hogwarts and take a potions class

  • Dance with Fred Astaire 

  • Have a date with your favorite celebrity 

  • Walk on the Moon

  • Relive something from your childhood.  Riding a bike, playing with friends, a sports win, a trip to the beach...

wild trip 2_3Dean Draper
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I know, it seems impossible at first - experiencing any fantasy you have in a guided inner experience.  An imagining guided by me and envisoued by you.  You tell me what you want to experience, and I build the framework to experience it in your mind.  You then have control as the story unfolds.  

My clients have used guided imagery to get past writer's block.  Some to conceptualize worlds they dream about experiencing.  Revising dreams they wanted to spend more time in and control the outcome.    Meanwhile, it strengthens your imagination and will unleash your untapped creative potential while providing you with an incredible experience.  

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