I always knew I wanted to help people. After graduating from Tulane University with a bachelor's of science and then the University of Houston with a Masters's degree,  I worked in corporate America for over two decades as a high-end consultant, including McKinsey & Company in NYC as well as Oracle and eventually starting my own consulting business.  My work focused on helping Fortune 100 companies and large government agencies achieve their goals.   The most enjoyable part to me was the psychology of groups and performing data analysis.   I started wondering, what if I was able to take those skills and apply them to people and not huge teams and databases?   To my surprise, I found that hypnosis allowed me to get tons of information that patients had no idea was there and that I could analyze that information and arrive at discoveries that years of psychology sessions never discovered.  Information that instantly changed beliefs and habits and paved a path for a better future, and all within a few hours.   I was surprised even after doing it hundreds of times.  How so many people were discovering their true nature after spending 100s of hours on other techniques that seem to lead nowhere?   I would say more psychologists should utilize hypnosis however until that is the case, I am happy to work with them or simply with you to get to the bottom of what you need to find.  

I'm a certified hypnotist and NLP practitioner and operate American Hypnosis Online out of Bethesda, MD. What I love most is seeing on a daily basis the look of relief (and sometimes disbelief) on someone's face when they finally overcome an obstacle that has been holding them back for years that nothing to that point seemed to be able to resolve.   I offer free consultations and will work with you.   Our strategy is to get results and not simply to conduct sessions blindly.