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I started off at Tulane University, getting a Bachelor's degree, then moved on to the University of Houston for my Master's in science. Since then, I've been all about making things better. This aim has been the driving force behind my eclectic career path, which has taken me from music to tech consulting and on and off into entrepreneurship.

In my music days, I was pretty deep into synthesizers, playing and programming them. It was more than just music; it taught me a lot about creative ways of approaching results and the art of audio recording. After that, I switched gears to the corporate world. I spent a good two decades as a tech consultant, working with big names like McKinsey & Company and Oracle. I even started my consulting firm, helping major companies and government agencies streamline their processes.

Then, there was this shift towards the psychological side of things, especially organizational behavior and data analysis. That's what got me into hypnosis—finding it fascinating how it can change habits and beliefs so much faster than traditional methods. Now, I’m mixing in AI with psychology and hypnosis, which is totally changing the game in therapy. It lets us do things we couldn't before because of costs.

So, here I am, running American Hypnosis Online out of Bethesda, MD. I’m all about creating custom solutions for people, often spicing things up with top-notch recording gear and specially-made audiovisuals. It’s like blending old-school therapy with the latest AI tech. I'm really excited about leading this new wave in psychology – it’s all about getting precise, efficient, and truly impactful results for my clients.

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