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Personality Disorders

BPD & Cluster B Disorders

I have been working with an expert in borderline personality disorder, BPD, as a team in easing borderline personality disorder behavioral disfunction and have been getting excellent results where traditional therapies hit a wall.  Improvements include a reduction in stress-related physical manifestations like acid reflux and issues falling asleep.   Additionally, patients find they can interrupt their patterned behaviors and respond constructively, avoiding unwanted episodes and gaining new confidence in the process. 


Borderline is a complicated disorder to live with, yet the methodology we have developed proves to be highly effective.  It also seems to apply to certain other cluster B disorders within the DSM.  If you suffer or know someone who does, I would be happy to discuss how this procedure works and what you can expect.   The cost is  $300 an hour, covering two therapists and a follow-up report per session.  These will be done in an office setting in Bethesda, MD.   Of course, I offer a free consultation in person or online before any paid services occur.  

Note, I do not diagnose as I'm not a psychologist.   If you seek my services, they will be used in coordination with any ongoing protocols you are undergoing with written consent from your provider.  

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