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On Tuesdays of every week, I volunteer my time to meet with front-line medical professionals providing resources to make working in today's stressful environment calmer and more grounded.   

In under one hour in a group session either in person or over zoom, I will train your team to:


  1. Build an Anchored retreat where you can go and relax whenever you need a break.  Calm down instantly and regain composure anytime. 

  2. The fastest process for entering self-hypnosis and how to regulate the depth to match various situations.  Use self-hypnosis to regroup and restructure your emotional state. 

  3. A review and test that everything discussed above is working.  If someone has issues with the process, an offline complementary zoom session will be provided.  

  4. The techniques use a self-reinforcing mechanic.  This means that new skills will automatically be practiced every day in the morning as part of your daily routine. 


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