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Schedule Your Free Consultation

You want to have the best experience possible with our services. That's why I offer a free consultation before starting formal hypnotherapy sessions!  It can be over zoom or a simple phone call.   

Reserve your time online line below or feel free to call at 301-697-7555.   Click here to find out what is included.

This free session will:

  • Determine if hypnosis is a fit for your situation.  If not, I usually can refer you to other resources.  I will not push sessions if I'm not certain you will benefit.  Sessions are guaranteed and I provide a free consultation to ensure you are getting value. 

  • Determine what amount of effort is estimated. Typically 1-3 sessions are all that are needed for most cases. 

  • Determine your personality type if you are looking to lose weight or address insomnia.  

  • Allow you to experience light hypnosis (optional). 

  • Teach you how to go into self-hypnosis (optional).  Hypnosis is a skill, like meditation.  I will teach you how to practice going into hypnosis so that you already have had some time to explore what hypnosis feels like on your own before our first session. 

Session Includes
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