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- Get results from affirmations even if you are not now
- Stop wasting time with ineffective affirmations 
- Learn to test out your affirmations to find what is effective for you

- See results immediately if you are skeptical for free.  Just schedule and it happens. 

What's an Affirmation?

What is the point of telling yourself the same thing over and over?   You want to get a message past your conscious thinking. 

Your friend can tell you "you are wonderful".  And at least 3 thoughts are going to pop up questing that statement.   Why did they say that, do they want something, are they being honest...   You get the idea.  If you tell yourself something the same voices pop up, even if you don't sense it, and question everything you are saying to yourself.    However, if you say it enough like water dripping on a rock, it is going to slowly wear those voices down.   It might take months or even years, but it will do something. 


And eventually, you will start to believe those words.  By that I mean,   you are changing.  You changed "who" you are to something different.  When we believe something, that means it becomes like a foundation upon how we perceive the universe and defines us as a person.  A belief is very hard to question and when a belief is questioned, all those voices I mentioned early protect it.  That is the point.  Beliefs become core to "who" we are and therefore changing them will always need to get past those voices. 

What if I told you there is a way to improve that process at every level?  Instead of a drop of water eroding a rock imagine a drop of water landing on a sponge and that drop changes the shape of that sponge noticeably from the first drop?

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The Problem with Affirmations

You really want to change your beliefs or add new ones, right?  If I told you the harder you try the less result you will get unless you have a very porous mind. You will resist any changes to your foundation as a person.  And the more you want to change things, the more you will subconsciously defend who you are.  I mean, who are you to tell you who you are- I have to laugh just thinking about that statement.  Hypnotists spend all day breaking down and working on these types of dilemmas.  The good news is that you are on the right track and you have good intentions, so here is what you can do to change things so that you can change who you are. And do it fast and right to the point.   You can "try out" different beliefs until you find the ones that suit you best - like jackets at your favorite store. 

The Solution

It is well known that affirmations work for some people, but why are they not working for you.   The root of the problem is that you unknowingly are resisting change.  Just like you are built to do. Without writing for days let me suggest that when you are hypnotized, all those defenses that protect you take a coffee break for a few minutes before waking back up.  That is why hypnosis is typically done in shortish sessions, it takes work to pull down your own defenses.  Think of holding your breath underwater.    Let me also suggest that whether or not you believe me, it is still true if it is true.   There are 10000s of videos on youtube of people doing things they would not normally do when hypnotized.  Just like a comedian can make you laugh seemingly without trying, a proficient hypnotist can help you change your subconscious infrastructure without much overt effort on your part. But the best news is that you can learn to lower your own defenses so that you can populate your mind with the ideas you want.  And once you have the skill, you never lose it and you will be sculpting your inner world from that point forward.   

Sahara Desert

Recently there has been a big increase in interest in people just like you wanting help with affirmations.  You will go from "I just don't get why people think this is doing anything" to wanting to improve everything from relationships to money and your work life.  

Schedule a no-cost consultation and I will explain how it works.   And should you decide to move forward the results are guaranteed!  If your life does not change for the better, I will refund your investment in full.  The flip side is that f I determine at your free consultation that you are not a candidate I will not be taking your money since I only am interested in working in situations where I KNOW results are going to happen.  

Click here to schedule!

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