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Relationship Transformation

Hypnosis can immediately change where you stand with respect to your relationships.   So much has to do with where you place yourself and your attitude.   Seeing things as they are can be difficult when you are in the middle.  What if you could step out and see things from the way others do?

Here is how we can help

Walking around in the city

For example, getting over someone...

Jenny was so ready to be over her cheating ex-boyfriend but could not stop thinking about him.   So, she decided to use hypnosis to get over him. She contacted me since I  claimed to be able to help people get over feelings they were struggling with. Jenny was a bit skeptical, but she was desperate to move on, so she tried it.

I had her relax in a chair and began talking to her in a calm voice.  After doing some basic analysis, I told her that she could let go of the past and that she no longer needed to feel hurt or angry. As I spoke, Jenny slowly began to feel herself relax. She felt herself becoming calmer and calmer until she finally fell into a deep sleep.

When she woke up, she felt lighter than she had in months. The pain and anger she had been feeling were gone, and she could finally move on. She even started dating again that week.  

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