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I Bet You Can Imagine a Better You

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

If you try to imagine something that would be an awesome change to your life, what happens. Whatever that is, it is possible. It's yours.

What steps need to happen to get there? You need to have desire. And you have that already even if you didn't know it 10 seconds ago. You need a plan, that is something easily constructed. And you need to find focus - whatever it is, you will have to pay attention to something you are not currently focusing on to get to a new place. That is what I do with you. Together, we create a priority that you don't have already and do it in a way that does not consume will power.

It's clear, you don't even need hypnosis to go do a path of self-change. There are 1000s of books covering that in the self-help section. And 100x more psychologist than hypnotists. So why use hypnosis? It's a bit like why you talk yourself up before a big meeting or date. The frame and feelings about anything in your life can be shifted and there are many ways to accomplish it. It just happens that hypnosis allows these shifts to happen at the subconscious level without having to go through the conscious process. This makes the change faster and more apt to stick in fewer sessions.

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