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Self Hypnosis While Walking

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Here is an easy way to go into a partial trance while walking or jogging. Be careful not to go too deep a trance. If you feel yourself slipping out of reality shorten the distance gap between yourself and you. Never allow yourself to go so deep that you become unaware of curbs and cars. Be careful with this, please!

Why practice this exercise? Because you will also have reduced anxiety. Basically you are going on autopilot. Anxiety and hypnotic states don't mix. So even the lightest hypnotic state is going to drastically drop the feeling of social or general anxiety.

As you are walking imagine walking about 5 feet behind yourself and seeing your body walking. The more you focus on imagining seeing yourself the more inward your mind goes. At some point, your mind is so busy recreating the image of you walking it is split between that and looking ahead.

Now, once you have that down and if you are not putting yourself in danger. You can enhance the image of yourself to be a more fit version. Notice how this will increase the reality of obtaining that physic and the effort will increase naturally! This is because you see the effect very clearly of the exercise you are engaged in at that movement, shortening the cause/effect distance to one where you are more aware of how every step is taking you to your goal. This is one of the basic techniques I use, which is to create an immediate cause and effect loop where the cause and effect are so separated it is almost impossible to "feel" it. If you eat that bag of chips you don't gain the weight that minute, you see it over the next day gradually. However, you can change your understanding and feel the weight gain the minute you have a chip. Any sense of entitled eating, what you put in your mouth doesn't count, goes away. Now, think about how that would change things.

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