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Using Hypnosis as a tool for Psychological Analysis

There's a way to analyze people's psychological roots, and it doesn't involve invasive tests or questionnaires. It uses hypnosis, and it can be used to identify the root causes of issues such as depression, anxiety, and stress. If you're interested in using hypnosis for psychological analysis, keep reading! I'll tell you everything you need to know.

Let me start by saying, hypnosis is excellent at some things and ineffective at others no matter how proficient the practitioner or how receptive the client is. Contrary to popular belief hypnotic addiction treatments have the same success rates as other modes of treatment, around 40%. However, more than 90% of my patients realize something that has been holding them back during the first session even if we only do the lightest of hypnosis.

It was impossible not to notice at some point that many of my patients who were either seeing a psychologist or that had seen one were realizing things about themselves that they never imagined and only after one session with me even after years of non-hypnotic psychological treatment.

Many psychologist and counselors who are trained in hypnosis don't use it often, certainly multiple times a day. When I have a patient who is seeing a psychologist almost aways we have a break-though that they can take back to their therapist and get past some impasse that was stopping progress. The main reason I see so many people like this is people only come to a hypnotist when everything else is not working. The good news is that it can get the ball moving like it was thrown by a professional bowler.

Hypnosis almost feels magical in its ability to break though mental blocks. Of course it is not magic, simply the effect of being able to create a new state of mind in the patient that allows them to bypass their defenses and view the workings of their minds as if they were an other person but who can tap into deep parts of the psyche. People don't come to me to discover things, they come to get unstuck. Only to find they are being held back by something other than what they thought. And that realization is huge, since once discovered the root of their issue become the focus and not its shadows.

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