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What is the experience of hypnosis like?

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

I’m often asked what does hypnosis feels like. For those people who meditate, it is a very similar experience. For those who do not, I will explain what it feels like and also, to some degree, why.

Hypnosis is a highly inward-focused state of consciousness. You are aware of what is going on around you and your memory is active. If you have ever gotten a massage and drifted off, the experience is a bit like that. You are aware and at the same time your body and mind are so at peace that your thoughts can slow down or even stop. Imagine how you feel taking a warm bath. Your mind will have the sensation of expansion as if the limits of your physical being are not applied to you anymore. Your imagination may run free or be directed and it is very similar to having a lucid daydream. When hypnotized, the outside world no longer is dominating your awareness and your mind is free of the burden of managing it. What is left when you no longer have to manage the outside world - your inside one.

There are some extraordinary and unusual sensations. For example, it is almost impossible to feel anxious while even lightly hypnotized. You can try, but the feeling will be blocked. It can feel odd to expect to feel something and then have nothing occur. However, it is also a clear sign that something significant is happening. If you are given an idea, like being at a particular place, your imagination might take you there fully. The sound, sights, and feelings you remember or create seem real. If you are asked a question, your subconscious mind can provide answers in symbols, images, and small movements.

The experience is very relaxing, and many people enjoy the break from their problems and worries treating it as a "mental massage". It is also an excellent introduction to meditation since almost anyone can experience hypnosis but not everyone can meditate.

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